Old-school charm paired with twenty-first century class has created this classy short-sleeved summer cardigan. Attention was paid to the details; cute cape sleeves compliment the sweet v-neck, which gives way to a smart row of pearly buttons. This versatile piece can be casual (when worn with jeans) or dressy (when worn with a dress and pearls), making it a great choice for a wide variety of activities.




This pattern can be made to fit any size(s). (Instructions include guidelines for taking measurements which are used in the place of conventional sizing guidelines, allowing for the item to be customized for the intended body shape or size.)




#10 Cotton Thread
    Steel Crochet Hook
    Measuring Tape
    8 Buttons

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Front of the Shelled-Out Over-Top
Back of the Shelled-Out Over-Top

This pattern is my own original work. Please do not sell and/or distribute it in any way.
The finished product can be sold and/or distributed at your own discretion.
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