For a little extra warmth that will not smother, try this sleeveless vest featuring an open front and an over-the-shoulders collar. Requiring minimal assembly, it is made with two contrasting stitch patterns for variety and left with textured collar edges for diversion.




This pattern can be made to fit any size(s). (Instructions include guidelines for taking measurements which are used in the place of conventional sizing guidelines, allowing for the item to be customized for the intended body shape or size.)




#10 Cotton Thread
    Steel Crochet Hook
    2 Stitch Markers
    Measuring Tape
    Sewing Needle

Payment & Delivery

Patterns are available in PDF format.

Patterns are sold exclusively on Ravelry.

Front of the Sleeveless Snowflake Vest
Back of the Sleeveless Snowflake Vest

This pattern is my own original work. Please do not sell and/or distribute it in any way.
The finished product can be sold and/or distributed at your own discretion.
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